Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

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Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures
Enforces state laws which prevent the introduction or spread of insects, diseases, weeds and animal pests; maintains quality and prevents consumer deception in handling and sale of certain foods; regulates use of pesticides; abates hazardous weeds; provides bee control information.

Animal Control
Enforces state ordinances regarding the humane care of domestic animal, shelters stray dogs and cats; licenses dogs and cats; inspects and licenses pet kennels and wild animal compounds; provides low-cost rabies vaccinations and spay and neutering program.

Locates all taxable property in County and identifies ownership; establishes value for property subject to taxation; processes property tax exemptions.

Child Support
Provides wide range of child support services, including collection and distribution of support payments and assisting with procedures and processes.

Children and Family Services
Provides social services to children and their families when children are at risk due to actual or potential child abuse, neglect, abandonment or exploitation.

Community Development Commission/Housing Authority
Develops, owns and operates public housing for low-income persons; administers Section 8 rent subsidy program; provides grants funds for low-interest housing conversion loans, rehabilitating rental units and business assistance.

Community and Senior Citizens
Administers a wide variety of community and social service programs for senior citizens, pre-delinquent youth, economically disadvantaged persons, unemployed persons, victims of family violence and refugees.

Consumer Affairs
Handles inquiries and complaints related to consumer problems; responds to inquiries regarding filing and procedures in Small Claims Court; provides conciliation and formal mediation services to residents.

Inquires into and determines the cause, manner and circumstances of death in all unnatural, suspicious, unusual, violent, sudden and unattended deaths.

District Attorney
Initiates charges and prosecutes persons accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses; prosecutes juvenile cases; enforces civil and criminal laws relating to consumer, environmental and anti-trust matters.

Provides fire protection and paramedic service in unincorporated areas and 54 cities; issues permits and licenses; makes fire inspections; approves building and subdivision plans that pertain to fire prevention.

Protects, maintains and improves the health of the community; operates hospitals and health centers and works with private sector to provide quality service to medically indigent.

Mental Health
Develops mental health services system for persons who are severely and/or chronically mentally ill and cannot obtain care in the private sector; serves as public guardian, investigating the need for conservators and for caring for those that are so-designated.

Assists citizens who have filed complaints against Sheriff’s Department and Office of Public Safety personnel and are dissatisfied with the results; assures that citizen complaints are addressed fully and timely.

Parks and Recreation
Plans, designs and administers maintenance of local and regional County parks, golf courses, special recreational facilities and beautification projects; develops and maintains botanical gardens and arboreta.

Recommends sanctions to the courts; enforces court orders; operates correctional institutions;incarcerates delinquents; designs and implements programs to reduce crime and to ensure victims’ rights.

Public Library
Provides a full range of library services and information products at 87 community libraries, including three bookmobiles; serves the County’s unincorporated areas and 51 cities.

Public Social Services
Provides cash assistance, benefits and/or social services to needy individuals and families.

Public Works
Designs, constructs, installs, operates, maintains and/or repairs roads, highways, bridges, airports, flood control and water conservation facilities, sanitary sewers, and water distribution systems; provides leadership in solid and hazardous waste management.

Regional Planning
Establishes and maintains a long-range process for the physical, social and economic development of the County; prepares and maintains area and community plans and administers the County subdivision and zoning ordinances.

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk
Registers voters and maintains voter files; conducts elections; records legal documents which serve as basis for determining ownership of real property; maintains and issues copies of birth, death and marriage records; files fictitious business name statements.

Administers the police function of the County; directs and coordinates emergency services; operates County detention facilities; maintains security in courts.

Superior Court
Handles felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, probate and divorce matters, adoptions, psychiatric and juvenile cases, civil cases, traffic infractions and small claims matters.